Guidelines for third-party tools

Guidelines for third-party tools

A. Permitted third party tools

The following is a list of third-party tools that are approved for use with open gaming software:

a) PartyCaption

b) StackAndTile

c) PlaceMint

d) Table Tamer

e) StarsHelper

f) Mosaic 2

g) Intuitive Tables

The use of other tools not included in this list is prohibited while the software is running and may result in sanctions being imposed on the player’s account.

In case of violation of these terms and conditions MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited reserves the right to permanently close the player’s account and to withdraw the account balance.

A. Prohibited third-party tools

There are some tools that, if used by the player in the MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited software, will result in disregard of our terms and conditions and will result in immediate closure and withdrawal of the account balance. The use of tools that produce the following results is not permitted at any time:

  • Any tool designed to circumvent our restrictions on downloadable hand histories
  • Any tool that plays without human intervention (a ‘bot’)
  • Any tool that makes decisions for a player or advises him/her in this regard – and thus reduces the human element of the game (‘assistance software’)

A. Virtual Machines and Screen-Sharing / Remote Access Software

The use of virtual machines and/or other software specialized in screen sharing and remote access is prohibited at MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited.

This list includes, but is not limited to, the following tools:

  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • TeamViewer
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • AnyDesk
  • LogMeIn

If a player uses these programs to any extent in connection with the MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited software, this will result in a violation of the Terms and Conditions. This may result in restrictions on your account and in some cases, there may also be account closure and withdrawal of funds.

A. Prohibited third-party tools while the MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited software is running

We know that there are many tools available to help you become a better poker player.

Although the majority of players use these tools for learning and personal improvement outside of the game, many of these tools offer features, if the user uses these tools in the game, give them an unfair advantage over other players.

There are some tools where we know that players will want to use. However, we strictly prohibit the use of these tools while the MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited software is running. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following tools:

  • PokerSnowie
  • Jesolver
  • Flopzilla

If you have any questions regarding the use of specific tools, you can contact us at

A. Request for approval of a tool from a third party that is not listed

If you wish to use a third-party tool or application not listed in the above sections, please contact with your request. Please include the website address of the tool you want to use.

If, after reviewing the requested tool, we grant permission to use it in our network, we will respond directly and add the tool to the above list.

Please note that we do not allow permission for tools that have the following features:

  • Hand/Range tables that are changed or updated based on previous actions
  • Timing Randomizer
  • Seat-Scripts
  • Bots/Hilfs-Software

A. Queueing Page 3 of 5

Since January 1, 2020 ‘Queueing’ at MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited is prohibited. If you use such tactics, restrictions may be imposed on your account.

What is “Queueing”?

Queueing” is when a player or group of players try to avoid certain opponents or change the composition of the opponents if the registration is ‘blind’. This is the case when you normally would not be allowed to choose your opponents, for example in SPINS.

Why does “Queueing” now violate the terms and conditions?

The MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited policy for ‘blind registrations’ (all player names are not visible until the STT begins) ensures that every player has the same chances. This is very important for a healthy poker ecosystem.

Players who deliberately try to manipulate our registration process endanger the integrity of the game.

A. fast-forward buy-in obligations

What does it mean?

‘Ratholing’ or ‘Going South’ describes the behavior of players who remove some of their chips from the table in order to reduce their stake in a game. This is basically what a player does when he gets up from the fast-forward pool and immediately sits down again with a buy-in that is less than what he had on the table before.

Why does this violate the terms and conditions?

‘Ratholing’ has long been regarded as a very unmannerly Poker behavior. If a player leaves the table only to re-enter later with a smaller bet, it makes it impossible for the other players to get their money back. We believe that restricting such behavior is beneficial to all players and to the poker atmosphere.

What can I do?

A player may not get up from a fast-forward pool and immediately re-enter it with a bet if that bet is less than the one, he had in the pool before. To re-enter with a smaller bet, it takes at least 60 minutes for this to be considered as a new game session; as is the case with our ring game. If a player leaves the fast-forward pool and re-enters within 60 minutes, he must re-enter with the amount he left the pool with or the highest possible pool buy-in, whichever is smaller.


  • If a participant loses his entire bet, the player can re-buy any share.
  • Re-registering for the pool with a smaller bet than the current bet and continuing to play with both bets is also considered a breach of the rules
  • This rule applies independently to each fast-forward pool.

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Accounts that systematically abuse this feature will be warned. If the behavior persists, further penalties can be imposed on this account.

A. Downloading your hand history

Download your hand history with MyGame!

This feature allows you to import important hand histories directly into tools like Holdem Manager 3 (HM3), Holdem Manager 2 (HM2) or PokerTracker 4 (PT4). You can then analyze your game data, not your opponents.

All downloadable hand histories are anonymized – you appear as ‘Hero’, your opponents’ player names are not published. With this preventive measure we put a stop to unfair ‘alias matching’.

HM3, HM2 and PT4 can be run while the MiMa Virtual Gaming Limited software is open. However, these tools do not work in real time as they depend on downloading hand history with MyGame.

B. Fair play

Our team

We have a dedicated fraud team that proactively identifies accounts that violate our terms and conditions, for example, by using bots and other prohibited tools. Accounts that make prohibited agreements are also affected. The team consists of former poker professionals who are familiar with the current poker scene and have the skills to react quickly and record any reports efficiently and promptly.

Our fraud team carefully examines each submitted case. If there is enough solid evidence, the accounts of players who have broken the rules are frozen. The funds are then confiscated and divided among the players who have suffered damage as a result of the rule violation.

C. How to report suspicious activities

We take every report seriously. We ask you to provide us with as much information as possible about the player you accuse of breaking the rules. You can email us at or use the form below. You can also do this anonymously.

Please provide as much information as possible so that our investigation can proceed more quickly.

Please enter the data below



E-Mail-Adresse: Page 5 of 5

Who/What would you like to report: What is the reason for your suspicion

However, make sure that we take our work very seriously. Reports that are obviously malicious will therefore not be pursued further. There must also be enough solid evidence before this happens. False or malicious reports do not result in unjustified account closures.

C. Monthly reports

The results of our investigations are published every month. Although we cannot publish the information on each individual investigation, we do publish the number of accounts blocked each month and the monthly balance of the account that was withdrawn.